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Riad Souafine

Gastronomy at Riad Souafine

Our chef Hassan will have at heart to prepare you the best Moroccan recipes and especially the one from Fez. Some recipes are passed down from generation to generation and others are the result of the inventive ideas of the chef, but all of them use natural spices and fresh produce from the Fez region. The dinners are prepared only on request and are therefore "tailor-made". Depending on the season, many fresh products, fruit and vegetables, come directly from the Souafine farm located in the Middle Atlas.

Tagine de sardines Couscous Medfoun Torta Caprese

Riad Souafine has been selected by as one of the best tables in the Fez medina.

The main culinary specialities we offer:

Fez Gourmet

Riad Souafine participates in the gastronomic event Fez Gourmet, organised by the ARMH in Fez, and which takes place every year during the first two weeks of March and November.

Each Riad participating in "Fès Gourmet" will discover one of the many culinary specialities from Fez. Riad Souafine we'll propose the Medfoun Couscous. Literally it means "buried" couscous. Medfoun couscous is traditionally a festive dish typical from Fez. The principle is to cover the beef or lamb meat with semolina. This recipe is not well known to foreigners because few restaurants offer it on their menu because it requies a long time of preparation.

Our chef Hassan revisited this exceptional dish to give it back its prestige. Our Medfoun is prepared with the most beautiful pieces of lamb -shoulder and leg- simmered for long hours and seasoned with spices, a fine semolina covers the meat as a casket. A topping of roasted and crushed almonds coming directly from our farm of the Middle Atlas as well as pears or candied apricots bring a new subtlety to this dish.

Riad Souafine